Washington Resdkins Trademark Registrations Canceled by USPTO

In a recent decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), the administrative appellate body of the United State Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), the USPTO cancelled the registrations of a handful of trademarks owned by the NFL’s Washington Redskins. The ruling held the name “R\redskins” to be disparaging, with the TTAB stating: “. […]

Independent Contractor or Employee?

I am asked all the time, “I 1099ed that person, she is a contractor. Right?” For some reason lots of decision makers believe that a 1099 and calling someone an independent contractor makes a person a contractor. The truth is . . . nope.  Whenever I talk to folks about this issue, I try to […]

Drug Testing Employee Candidates: Medicinal Use of Marijuana in the Great State of Texas

Just the facts Ma’am: Candidate lives in California and obtains a prescription for marijuana.  We are going to assume that she used the prescription as prescribed. Wink! She then moves to Texas and applies for a job.  But wait, the employer performs drug testing. What is the employer’s obligation?  Could it refuse to hire the […]

Dutch Fokker to pay $10.5 Million Export Penalty

Dutch Company Agrees to Pay $10.5 Million Civil Penalty to Settle Commerce Department Charges Involving Illegal Exports and Reexports to Iran and Sudan The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Office of Export Enforcement (OEE), recently announced that Fokker Services B.V. (“Fokker Services”), a Netherlands-based aerospace services provider, has agreed to […]