SE-KB.24 – International Business Transactions

In the modern global economy, even relatively small companies are aware of the savings and opportunities available by sourcing or exporting products outside the United States. Of course, these opportunities often involve additional risks, as well. Although companies can take a number of precautions to limit their risks in international transactions, the primary legal tool […]

SE-KB.4 – Protecting IP Rights in Software

Over the past few decades, intellectual property (IP) has become an increasingly larger portion of the capital investment and assets of U.S. companies. For software companies, in particular, IP legal protection is crucial to secure their assets from theft or copycats. Pros and Cons of Software Patents. For many software companies, patents serve as a […]

SE-KB.11 eCommerce

These days, almost every company has some form of web presence, whether simple informational websites, blogs, and Facebook pages, or more involved sites with social media platforms, music and video streaming, or file sharing. As such, companies face a multitude of legal issues related to their online presence. The universality and anonymity of the Internet […]

SE-KB.10 -Web Site Privacy Policy

Privacy concerns arise in any situation where personal information is collected and stored.  In fact, any website that collects personally identifying information is required to post a Privacy Policy disclosing the ways that the party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages personally identifying information. While there is no single definition for what constitutes personally identifying information, […]

SE-KB.9 -Web Site Terms of Use

A Terms of Use agreement or Terms and Conditions, as it is sometimes called, is an important part of an e-commerce website.   What are “Terms of Use”? A Terms of Use agreement is important for limiting the potential liability of website owners and operators, protecting intellectual property rights, and establishing other contractual terms or […]

SE-KB.1 – Non-Disclosure Agreements

If you’ve been to enough business meetings, chances are someone has shoved a document in front of you and asked you to sign it to protect the confidentiality of their information. Or maybe you were the document-shover, hoping to protect your own proprietary information. This type of agreement is typically called either a confidentiality agreement […]