Business Entities: Buy-Sell Agreements

So, you’ve done it. You’ve found a co-founder who is willing to put up the money (or you’ve found a genius with a great idea!) for a new venture. Things are going great and you’re ready to get a business entity formed and have determined how it will be governed. But, what if things don’t […]

Business Entities: Governing Documents

A crucial component to forming a business entity properly is carefully crafting the documents that will govern the organization in the daily operations and management of affairs, the relationship between the owners and those managing the operations, and the process of dissolving the business or making other substantial decisions in the course of the business […]

Business Entities: Corporations vs. LLCs

If you are just beginning to explore starting a venture or have already started chances are that you have at least heard about these two forms of business entities. While both provide a form of protection for their owners, they have distinct characteristics so that one form may be much more advantageous than the other […]