RAK The Planet

We interviewed Lexie Beard, founder of RAK The Planet LLC, a Texas based company aimed at changing the way you make someone’s day and pass along the random acts of kindness. Company website: www.rak-experience.com Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/RAK_thePlanet Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RAKexperience/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rak_theplanet/?hl=en Founded: 2017 Main office:   Georgetown, Texas     What was the inspiration behind […]

Joint Ventures

We have all heard of joint ventures, but what exactly are they? Is it another name for a partnership, or a just temporary collaboration on a project? These questions, along with other inquiries that you may have, can be answered in the sections below.   What is a joint venture? Joint ventures, as with partnerships, […]

FACT SHEET:  IP Due Diligence in M&A Transactions

  FACT SHEET:  Intellectual Property Due Diligence for Buyers & Sellers by Jim Chester, JD/LL.M[1]   Pre-Sale IP Due Diligence:  Develop an IP Asset Inventory Before the parties can properly value the IP assets of the selling company, they must carefully review a full and accurate inventory of all IP assets, an “IP Asset Inventory”. […]

Chester PLLC Bolsters Trademark Expertise

February 1, 2017.  Dallas, Texas:  The Dallas-based business & innovation law firm Chester PLLC is pleased to announce that intellectual property attorney Adam Villanueva has joined the firm. Adam’s practice will focus on trademark and copyright law, including matters such as filing trademark and copyright applications, representing companies before the United States Patent and Trademark […]

SAVaGEs: Get the Most Bang for your Legal Buck: Three Critical and Cost-Effective Legal Projects for SAVaGEs

Working with many software, app & video game entrepreneurs (“SAVaGEs”) who are partners, owners and other “key” persons in various small to mid-sized businesses over the years, I noticed that they had many similar legal needs, regardless of their size, industry or location.  Some of these projects, three of which are discussed below, represent valuable […]

Raising $$: Debt

*This article is part of an on-going multi-part series on venture financing. Debt. It is a fact of life for businesses and households in the United States. While it may bring strong emotional feelings when brought up, it doesn’t have to be an unspeakable word. In fact, it is part of the fuel that helps […]

Employees v. Contractors

Recently, major companies and startups have been facing challenges about the status of individuals providing services or goods to consumers using a common brand or platform such as Uber or Airbnb. While many of these challenges come from outside of the United States, a number of them have come from within the US. Much of […]

FCC’s Enhanced Data Privacy Rules

The Federal Communications Commission recently adopted rules that require broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to protect the privacy of their customers. The rules ensure broadband customers have meaningful choice, greater transparency and strong security protections for their personal information collected by ISPs. The rules implement the privacy requirements of Section 222 of the Communications Act for […]

Business Entities: Buy-Sell Agreements

So, you’ve done it. You’ve found a co-founder who is willing to put up the money (or you’ve found a genius with a great idea!) for a new venture. Things are going great and you’re ready to get a business entity formed and have determined how it will be governed. But, what if things don’t […]

Business Entities: Corporations vs. LLCs

If you are just beginning to explore starting a venture or have already started chances are that you have at least heard about these two forms of business entities. While both provide a form of protection for their owners, they have distinct characteristics so that one form may be much more advantageous than the other […]