Joint Ventures

We have all heard of joint ventures, but what exactly are they? Is it another name for a partnership, or a just temporary collaboration on a project? These questions, along with other inquiries that you may have, can be answered in the sections below.   What is a joint venture? Joint ventures, as with partnerships, […]

Business Entities: Corporations vs. LLCs

If you are just beginning to explore starting a venture or have already started chances are that you have at least heard about these two forms of business entities. While both provide a form of protection for their owners, they have distinct characteristics so that one form may be much more advantageous than the other […]

SE-KB.1 – Non-Disclosure Agreements

If you’ve been to enough business meetings, chances are someone has shoved a document in front of you and asked you to sign it to protect the confidentiality of their information. Or maybe you were the document-shover, hoping to protect your own proprietary information. This type of agreement is typically called either a confidentiality agreement […]