Joint Ventures

We have all heard of joint ventures, but what exactly are they? Is it another name for a partnership, or a just temporary collaboration on a project? These questions, along with other inquiries that you may have, can be answered in the sections below.   What is a joint venture? Joint ventures, as with partnerships, […]

FACT SHEET:  IP Due Diligence in M&A Transactions

  FACT SHEET:  Intellectual Property Due Diligence for Buyers & Sellers by Jim Chester, JD/LL.M[1]   Pre-Sale IP Due Diligence:  Develop an IP Asset Inventory Before the parties can properly value the IP assets of the selling company, they must carefully review a full and accurate inventory of all IP assets, an “IP Asset Inventory”. […]

Protecting IP: Copyrights

Authors, artists, and creatives of all kinds have likely created something that is original and subject to protection under the Copyright laws of the United States. Once you create something original you possess some level of copyright ownership to the work. However, to protect that work and use the laws to enforce the work, you […]

Protecting IP: Trademarks

If you sell products or provide services to others, then you likely have some level of intellectual property that requires protection. Your business name, logo, slogan, or even that unique product design act as trademarks for your products or services, which signify and separate your business from your competitors or cheap knock offs. Most businesses […]

SE-KB.22c -M&A: IP Due Diligence

These days, the most important group of assets of a company is often its intellectual property (“IP”), which includes patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names and other proprietary information and materials. Due to its mercurial nature, IP requires special consideration and attention in acquisition transactions, whether as part of an asset purchase, […]

SE-KB.3 -Protecting Intellectual Property: Overview

For US businesses in the entertainment or high-tech industries, the value of intellectual property (“IP”) is obvious. They realize that their entire business relies on the protection and exploitation of their IP assets. However, all businesses have IP – though many do not adequately identify or protect theirs. What is IP? Technically speaking, IP is […]

SE-KB.10 -Web Site Privacy Policy

Privacy concerns arise in any situation where personal information is collected and stored.  In fact, any website that collects personally identifying information is required to post a Privacy Policy disclosing the ways that the party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages personally identifying information. While there is no single definition for what constitutes personally identifying information, […]

SE-KB.9 -Web Site Terms of Use

A Terms of Use agreement or Terms and Conditions, as it is sometimes called, is an important part of an e-commerce website.   What are “Terms of Use”? A Terms of Use agreement is important for limiting the potential liability of website owners and operators, protecting intellectual property rights, and establishing other contractual terms or […]

SE-KB.1 – Non-Disclosure Agreements

If you’ve been to enough business meetings, chances are someone has shoved a document in front of you and asked you to sign it to protect the confidentiality of their information. Or maybe you were the document-shover, hoping to protect your own proprietary information. This type of agreement is typically called either a confidentiality agreement […]

CJLLP Founder’s Article Featured in Nov Issue of TEXAS BAR JOURNAL

 Dallas, Texas, 17 November 2014.– Jim Chester, a founding partner in Dallas-based business & innovation  law firm Chester & Jeter LLP, was featured in the November 2014 issue of the Texas Bar Journal, the official publication of the State Bar of Texas. A recognized expert in business, technology and intellectual property law, Chester was asked to write […]