We recently spoke with one of our clients, Jim Harryman, CEO of Kinetic Technology Group, Inc.


CHESTER:  What year was your company launched?

HARRYMAN:  1997KTGlogoNew copy


CHESTER: Where is your main office?

HARRYMAN:       We are located in Southside on Lamar, known as the historical Sears Roebuck Bldg., built in the early 1900’s.


CHESTER: How many employees do you have?

HARRYMAN: We have 10 talented, brilliant and fun-loving Kinetic employees, all bringing unique specialties in IT to the table.


CHESTER: What is your company’s revenue for the most recent year?

HARRYMAN:  This year we reached a little over $1 million in revenue for the first time.


CHESTER:    What is the projected revenue for the current year?

HARRYMAN:  $1.25 million.


CHESTER: What was the story behind launching the company?

HARRYMAN:  I founded Kinetic more than a decade ago with one simple purpose: to make technology do what it promises to do. I brought in some of the best Mac minds around, and spent the past 12 years ensuring that every IT system he mans is fully subservient to its owner.


CHESTER:  What makes your company different from others?

HARRYMAN:  We specialize in Mac OS but also know PC. Many consulting companies do one or the other, but not both. We recognize that our client base has a need for both. Some clients even have both platforms in the same office.


CHESTER:  So how did you get into this field?

HARRYMAN: I was not born in Texas, but got here as soon as I could. Starting in the IT Department of Commerce Bank in Kansas City, I earned my technological stripes and moved on to the bright, shiny world of advertising with a job working MIS at Tracy-Locke Partnership in Dallas. I then moved on to Lan Net Technical Services, where I was a partner until founding Kinetic in 1997.


CHESTER: Why was the company founded?

HARRYMAN:  I was passionate about right-tracking technology, and wanted to start a  company to really deliver extraordinary IT services. So I found some dudes who felt the same way – and then founded Kinetic.

When Kinetic first launched I and one other consultant were working out of our homes and had just enough accounts each to provide us a bi-weekly paycheck. At that time Kinetic serviced individual clients as well as businesses, charging by the hour and desperately trying to make it from client site to client site to get things done.


CHESTER:  What problem does your service solve?

HARRYMAN:  We are the IT solution for small to mid-size companies that do not have a need for a full-time IT staff but want to benefit from the knowledge of a 10 person IT staff. That’s where we step in. Offering on site services and a web help desk we respond to everyday IT needs for our clients, and we think we are awesome at it.


CHESTER:  What is something exciting or innovative that your company is doing?

HARRYMAN:  In 2012 we spun up a sister-company to develop mobile phone apps. We develop iOS and Android mobile applications. The name of our app development branch is Ten Acre Apps. Check out our work at www.tenacreapps.com.




CHESTER:  What will your company look like in 5 years?

HARRYMAN:  Kinetic Technology Group will have expanded into some new support services over the next five years as the needs of our clients evolve and will have added more IT support specialists to our team.  Also, in five years, Ten Acre Apps will have found their niche in the mobile app market, focusing on unique markets and evolving technologies. We for-see the mobile app market to be a steady source of revenue as we begin to focus on services that produce re-occurring monthly revenues.


CHESTER:  How can our readers learn more information about your company or contact you?

HARRYMAN:  Folks can contact us at  972-670-4329 or via email Jim@kinetictg.com

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