Digital Arts & Entertainment Legal Services

Art & entertainment law as a practice area has been around for quite a while.  However, the advent of “Instagram Stars” and “YouTube Millionaires” has created new opportunities and outlets for performers, artists, and athletes and entertainers.  But these new digital streams of influence have introduced new risks and challenges, as well. 

Whether you are a traditional artist, digital medium artist, street artist, entertainer (internet or more traditional), athlete or a company that works with artists, entertainers, and athletes, you have some level of intellectual property or interest that will require protection. Many artist or entertainers need protection for their creative works as a bare minimum, however, we can also help you protect your personal image and brand.

In addition to typical intellectual property protection for your core services or products, we can help you explore other avenues of exploiting your image and brand. By seeking out other markets, we can develop licensing agreements that will put your brand or image before new markets and consumers, be it clothing, mobile applications, or other strategic business alliances. Further, if you find others using your brand or image without your authorization, we can provide enforcement services by sending cease and desist letters, social media take downs, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down notices and other e-commerce enforcement remedies. Lastly, we can help you as an artist or entertainer by reviewing contracts before you sign anything, or even drafting agreements between you and co-authors, band member agreements, and even agency agreements.

As a business that works with entertainers, artists, or athletes, you will likely need agreements that define the relationship between your company and your clients. Whether you need a representation agreement, agency agreement, or even artist/talent agreement, we can assist with the preparation and strategic drafting to ensure your interests are protected. Your business will also want to ensure all aspects of ownership to content created under the agreement are outlined clearly and we can provide work for hire agreements if you happen to hire independent contractor to create content on your behalf.


Our digital media & entertainment legal services include representing artists and athletes (and companies who work with artists and athletes) in matters such as:

  • Comprehensive intellectual property protection for client work – including copyrights, trademark, NDAs, development agreements, and enforcement of IP rights
  • Development agreements
  • Likeness & image rights licensing
  • Business transactions
  • Advertising agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • International IP protection


Selected Representative Matters:

Cancelled a Trademark Registration for an NFL player to ensure his clothing label could obtain TM.

File trademark applications on behalf of country musician with one of the highest selling country albums of 2016

Review and assist music label in drafting of co-author, talent and licensing agreements

Negotiate rights of publicity settlement with NFLPA

Negotiate and draft settlement agreement with USOC