Every mobile application site needs “terms of use”, typically referred to as an End User License Agreement (or “EULA”).  This is an important legal document for the company, but is also required for all apps listed on the Apple and Android app stores.

Many companies are tempted to just “borrow” from a similar companies EULA’s.  However, this can be dangerous because: (1) the other site’s EULA may be outdated, (2) the other site’s EULA may not be 100% applicable to theirs, and (3) the other site’s EULA may simply not be that good.

While each app is unique, in most cases they are 90% similar to other sites.  As such, prior EULA templates can be used as a starting point to save time and money. The art, however, is knowing what 90% is the same, what 10% is different, and how to deal with that final 10%. 

Because we are able to anticipate the amount of work done for many ecommerce projects, we have put together a flat fee package for EULAs that might be right for many clients.

Summary of Benefits Process

EULA allows companies to define their rights and obligations, as well as contractually bind users.  This is a company’s best chance to contractually protect itself, and should not be “punted” or taken for granted.

We have been helping app developers and entrepreneurs for many years, including assisting in the creation and revision of EULAs.   As such, we are able to handle the creation of many EULAs on flat fee basis.  This allows our clients to better manage expenses and prioritize their resources.

Flat Fee EULA

For the flat fee listed below, we will:

  1. send you a questionnaire to gather information about your app
  2. based on your response, prepare the EULA, 
  3.  after you review, we can make minor changes at no charge.

In addition, we don’t charge for our consultations with you to ensure your application will have the best chance of success, and that your registration will be as broad and as strong as possible.

Where applicable, the Flat Fees are as follows:

1.  Basic EULA:     $750

This is for a basic app that does not include a shopping cart or social media

2. eCommerce EULA:      $1,250

This is for companies who sell products or services directly through their app.

3. Social Media EULA: $1,000

This is for companies who allow users to post media, comments, etc. on or through their app.

4.  Social + eCommerce:  $1,500


All apps need a EULA, but many developers are afraid of paying unknown, possibly huge legal fees. To ensure against potential “sticker shock” of a huge legal bill, we tell clients upfront what costs to expect to from us to prepare these important policies and agreements (see above).


Some companies try to minimize costs by doing it themselves or by using online services like legalzoom.com, rather than working with competent legal counsel. The danger with online services or “do it yourself” instead of a legal expert to assist you is significant.  Only experienced lawyers who routinely deal with these issues and matters can adequately advise you.

With our flat fee services, you get the best of both worlds: trustworthy expert advice and assistance to walk you through the entire process of creating a EULA tailored to your company at an affordable, transparent, and predictable cost.

Limitations – Caveats

In some instances, a flat fee is not appropriate.  In those situations, we would tell you in advance what costs to anticipate.  Plus, the flat fee covers the initial preparation only, and not significant revisions or additional documents.


All flat fees must be paid in advance.  Invoices or requests for retainers for future work needed will be sent in accordance with our standard billing process. As a courtesy, we accept most major cards and can accept online checks – but don’t increase our charges if that’s how you choose to pay.

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