Teenager with joystick play with video game

Teenager with joystick play with video game

Every new company has basic legal needs such as entity formation, as well as the need for a host of legal documents.  Innovation-based companies have those same needs, but they also face several unique challenges, as well.  

The most effective time to address most of these legal issues is at or around the founding of the company.  However, to save vital cash, many early-stage companies are tempted to DIY, “borrow” from similar companies or Internet documents, use some online service or “convenience store lawyer”, or simply skip many essential projects altogether.  All of these options are extremely dangerous – and potentially fatal to the company.  

We have helped countless innovation-based companies, developers and similar entrepreneurs for many years.  As such, we are able to anticipate the essential legal needs that are common for most innovation-based companies,  and this allows us to put together a flat fee package for handling these needs that might be right for many clients.  Our flat fee allows our clients to better estimate and manage expenses, and prioritize their resources.

Flat Fee Game Developer Legal Start-up Kit

For the flat fee listed below, we will:

  1. meet with you (in person or via phone) to discuss your needs and gather information 
  2. prepare the documents and submit them to you (or to the relevant agency)  
  3.  after you review, we can make minor changes at no charge.

In addition, we don’t charge for our consultations with you to ensure your core legal needs are addressed.

These are not simply “forms” or DIY “templates” – they are standard documents that experienced legal counsel will tailor to the needs of your company.

Of course, flat fees aren’t always appropriate – particularly for companies with special corporate formation/governance needs, or in highly regulated industries, etc.  Moreover, this “Kit” covers many needs to early-stage innovation-based companies – but likely not everything for everyone.  Each company’s situation is unique, and may require additional legal work, agreements, filings, etc.  We will likely uncover any of those types of matters/issues during the initial discussions.

Where applicable, the Flat Fee is as follows:

Flat Fee:  $4,995 


  • Standard/template mutual NDA
  • USPTO TM knockout search & report for 1 word mark
  • USPTO Application prep & filing (USPTO filing fee extra)
  • Standard Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Standard Development Agreement
  • Standard Employment agreement
  • Standard Distributor/Reseller Agreement
  • Copyright Assignment Agreement
  • Owner/Partner IP/NDA/NC agreement
  • Customized EULA/Term of Use
  • Customized Privacy Policy
  • SOW/proposal template
  • Entity formation (LLC or Corp) (state filing fee extra)
    • includes cert, org. consent, company agmt (or bylaws & buy-sell agreement)


Most cash-conscious early stage companies are aware of the need for legal representation, but are afraid of paying unknown, possibly huge legal fees. To ensure against potential “sticker shock” of a huge legal bill, we tell clients upfront what costs to expect to from us to handle these important projects and agreements (see above).

Some companies try to minimize costs by doing it themselves or by using online services like legalzoom.com, rather than working with competent legal counsel. The danger with online services or “do it yourself” instead of a legal expert to assist you is significant.  Only experienced lawyers who routinely deal with these issues and matters can adequately advise you effectively and efficiently.

With our flat fee services, you get the best of both worlds: trustworthy expert advice and assistance to walk you through your core legal issues at an affordable, transparent, and predictable cost.

Limitations – Caveats

Flat fee may not be appropriate for all situations.   All docs built from standard documents, customized/tailored to operations and needs of enterprise by expert legal counsel. The flat fee is for “drafts” of the above – and minor changes, NOT significant rewrites.   If significant amendment, alteration or customization is needed, additional charges apply.


All flat fees must be paid in advance.  Invoices or requests for retainers for future work needed will be sent in accordance with our standard billing process. As a courtesy, we accept most major cards – and don’t increase our charges if that’s how you choose to pay.

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