Innovative companies need innovative legal representation. 

Our intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, and inventions), eCommerce, software and technology experience helps you build and protect your assets and ideas at home, abroad, and on the web, while effectively representing your interests in technology transactions.

The firm offers a broad scope of services to assist companies in protecting their intellectual property, including name brands and logos (trademarks and service marks), creative works such as designs, photographs, books, and software (copyright), and inventions, ideas and processes (patent & trade secrets).

Our comprehensive services include the I.S.E.E. system to ensure maximum protection of your intellectual property assets:

  • I  = IDENTIFY all your intellectual property assets (and not just to obvious ones).
  • S = SECURE your intellectual property assets, and the method of securing your rights will depend on the type of IP invlovled.  Where possible, we employ both DIRECT (e.g., non-disclosure agreements/NCA-NCs, assignments, development agreements, etc.) and INDIRECT means (such as USPTO trademark, patent and copyright registration.)
  • E = ENGAGE your intellectual property assets to maximize their commercial value. This can involved direct production and sales, which would require manufacturing or development agreements, JV and distribution agreements, etc., as well as licensing and royalty agreements.
  • E = ENFORCE your intellectual property rights.  There is no ninja-task force that will swoop in to stop commercial IP infringement.  Instead, IP owners, themselves, must be vigilant in policing for possible infingement and, when disovered, must take action to stop the infringement.  This generally involves investigation, negotiation, and sometimes results in litigation.

In addition to our own expertise, our legal network includes the premier patent and IP litigation attorneys in the Southwest, giving us access to a wealth of patent attorneys and intellectual property litigation expertise to ensure maximum protection of all your intellectual property assets.

  • trademark and service mark searches, registration, licensing and enforcement
  • IP infringement and enforcement (and defense)
  • patent and trade secret protection, licensing and enforcement
  • copyright protection, licensing and enforcement


Select Representative Matters

Managed foreign counsel in filing and prosecution of European trademark registrations.

Management of global TM portfolio for Fortune 500 hospital operating company.

Obtained release of goods seized at border by Customs as allegedly infringing on Apple trade dress.

Successfully opposed USPTO TM applications on behalf of foreign tea  wholesaler

Negotiated amicable settlement in copyright infringement case relating to imported fashion accessories involving major retailer.

Drafted & negotiated patent license & development agreement for semiconductor/Chip company to Singapore fab.

Drafted and negotiated numerous domestic and international IP agreements, including licenses, NDAs and CNCs