Entrepreneurs and owner-dependent businesses must ensure their legacy through a combination of insurance, business legacy planning, as well as estate planning.  This is particularly important for service-based companies where the departure of a key figure can cripple or destroy the entire enterprise.


Business Legacy Planning

We assist clients with business legacy planning through drafting company documents to provide for transitions in management, buy-sell agreements, etc., that help ensure that  companies, partners, and employees can continue to function in the event of the death or disability of one of the principal owners.

Not all enterprises are designed to be built up and sold off.  In many instances, business owners want to hold onto their companies for life, perhaps for generations.  Where desired, we can help transition companies to the next generation.


Personal Estate Planning

In addition, we prepare wills, advance directives and other personal estate documents for our clients, and can coordinate personal estate plans with business legacy planning strategies.  We can also help shepherd the estate through probate.

Our estate planning services are limited to fairly standard estate plans.  In most instances, wills and estate documents can be prepared on a flat-fee basis.   Click Here for details on our Flat Fee estate planning services.

For complex wills or larger estates where estate taxes are an issue, we refer clients to trusted experts for assistance.