This isn’t your typical law firm – and we’re looking for extraordinary professionals to add to our team.

  • Are you a senior associate or partner at a traditional (large, medium or small) law firm who is frustrated by politics and bureaucracy, the pressure to bill more and to raise your rates, and the anemic percentage of your collections that actually finds its way into your pockets?
  • Are you a solo who loves the independence and enjoys practicing law, but who hates the “business” aspects of running a law firm, such as IT and web site matters, HR, admin, billing, marketing, etc.?
  • Want to earn a great income, associate with an dynamic group of lawyers who serve entrepreneurs and other emerging business clients, and still get to spend time with your spouse, kids, or maybe on the golf course or on the lake?


We are actively seeking partner-level laterals who want to run their own law practice, but don’t want to manage a firm (nor have a firm manage them).

For a lucky few, there is a choice besides being a solo or joining a traditional law firm that means you can have the best of both worlds.

We offer a truly revolutionary law firm business model that puts you in control of your practice while allowing you to have many of the most valuable benefits of a traditional law firm, such as image, shared resources, insurance and expenses, as well as access (for you and your clients) to respected lawyers in  your own and in complimentary practice areas.

You decide how to run your practice, including:

  • your hourly rate
  • where and how you work,
  • what practice and marketing expenses are worthwhile
  • how many hours to bill each month
  • what type of clients you want.

We provide shared marketing and infrastructure such as billing and accounting systems, website, phone and email, etc.

Plus, we offer you the opportunity for you to create multiple revenue streams by leveraging your attorney colleagues for increased referrals and additional work from your existing clients.

We are seeking a VERY LIMITED number of partners with:  (1) high levels of integrity and professionalism; (2) dedication to client service; (3) excellent practice area knowledge and skills;  (4) a solid industry reputation; (5) who enjoy working around fun, entrepreneurial people; and (6) have portable business in one or more of the following areas of practice:

  • Software, apps and/or video games
  • Digital media and marketing
  • Securities/Private Equity/Corporate Finance
  • Civil Litigation (especially IP/trade secret)
  • Business Bankruptcy/Collections
  • Business Immigration
  • Entertainment/Sports/Art Law
  • Franchise
  • Employment
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Patent
  • International Business & Trade
  • eCommerce
  • Privacy/Cybersecurity
  • Business Transactions
  • Corporate/LLC/Partnership

If you fit the above description, and you want to change your life for the better, you owe it to yourself, your family, your future, to talk to us.  Contact us (in confidence) via this link:  Click here.

Let us help you become the lawyer you always wanted to be, without sacrificing the person you need to be.