We interviewed Alex Wells, president of Aars | Wells, a Dallas-based, full-service creative communications agency.

Alex Wells

CHESTER: What is the name of your company? What was the inspiration behind choosing this name?
ALEX: Our company is called Aars | Wells. It was the combination of the two last names of the partners. Michael Aars and I founded the company. Michael left the business in March of 2013, so I purchased his shares and became the sole owner of the company.

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CHESTER: What is the story behind launching the company? Why was the company founded?
ALEX: We always believed that we possessed a unique mix of strategic business thinking and creative expression. We were rough in the early days, but the raw talent was there, and over the years we fine-tuned our capabilities.

CHESTER: What was it like when the company was first launched?
ALEX: The first year, 2002, was extremely difficult in terms of financial security, but it was probably one of the most fun times of our life, because we had big dreams and were setting out to do something that we truly loved.

CHESTER: What problem does your product or service solve?
ALEX: The most important problem of all – how to attract more customers and make them passionate advocates for your business.

CHESTER: What are some important milestones your company has experience?
ALEX: Aars | Wells began to win creative awards and receive a certain degree of notoriety around 2006-2007. We also picked up several new clients around that time. The success generated during that time period kept us afloat and profitable even during the great recession that followed.

CHESTER: Where is your office?
ALEX: We are located in downtown Dallas at 2109 Commerce St. We’ve been in our building for about 9 years.

CHESTER: How many team employees are there?
ALEX: There are currently 8 full time employees.

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CHESTER: What is your company’s revenue for the most recent year? What is the projected revenue for the current year?
ALEX: We’ve done about $1.4 million consistently for the last few years. This year we’ll grow, thanks to a recent acquisition. (We acquired a small integrated marketing firm called EverittCo in May).

CHESTER: What is something exciting or innovative that your company is doing?
ALEX: Marketing continues to become more digitally-driven, so we’ve dedicated a significant portion of our time to studying emerging technologies. A couple of years ago, being a good digital agency meant knowing how to set up a Facebook page for your clients. Now, there are so many more tactics and so many ways to measure them. It’s an intriguing challenge for a creative firm, but an ever-changing and highly competitive one.

CHESTER: What makes your company different from others?
ALEX: We have what I believe is a much more practical approach. Instead of selling clients on some kind of methodology or mumbo jumbo, we simply find out what their business needs and then generate creative communications to address those needs. Trust me, it works.

CHESTER: What will your company look like in 5 years?
ALEX: Imagine Google, Nike, Coca Cola and Apple all put together. Probably something like that in terms of market cap. But of course, you never know. This business changes fast, and we just will continue to help clients market their businesses effectively as it does.

You can learn more about Aars | Wells here:

Website:            www.aarswells.com
Facebook:          www.facebook.com/aarswells
Linkedin:          www.linkedin.com/in/alexlanewells


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