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Top ROI legal projects for business owners.

US Trade law Regulation of Technology Exports

Description of the main controls and legal requirements under US trade law on the transfer and export of products, with special focus on technology or IP-based products and services


Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) Basics: Creating Profit with Savings

Presentation discussing the basics of FTZs including the different types, the benefits, and the regulatory agencies supervising the FTZ program in the U.S.


Basics of Intellectual Property Law

This presentation described the various types of Intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets), and explains how IP rights are created, protected, exercised, and enforced.


Protecting IP in International Trade

Intellectual property is a valuable asset in the modern business world.  Unfortunately, it is also mercurial and difficult to protect, particularly in international business.  This PPT provides some strategies for protecting IP assets at home and abroad.


FCPA Compliance Programs
As nations step up enforcement of anti-bribery laws, companies with multinational operations must ensure that all employees, subsidiaries and affiliates comply with the FCPA and its international counterparts, or else risk hefty penalties.
Going Global: Legal Aspects of International Business
Every business is affected by globalization.  Smart companies are able to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits of international business while effectively managing the risks.