designer drawing website development wireframe in the office

We have significant experience advising website developers and those who engage developers to create web-based content, services, commerce stores, and similar applications.  

This includes drafting and negotiating web development, hosting, service, and related web business agreements, as well as eCommerce and privacy policy matters.



Web Development Lawyers

Our services in this industry include:

  • Copyright applications for web GUI, “look and feel”, as well as code and content
  • Comprehensive intellectual property protection for web content including copyrights, trademark, NDAs, development agreements, and enforcement of IP rights
  • Development agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • eCommerce issues
  • Apple and Android Store agreements
  • Advertising agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policies and takedown notices sent to websites that display infringing content
  • Enforcing IP and contract rights
  • International IP protection