Are you a SAVaGE?

Young Man Stealing Data From Computers And Laptop At Desk

What is a  SAVaGESM ?

We practice business and innovation law.  Our clients range from start-ups to established small/mid-sized innovation-based companies, venture capital firms, and even a few larger companies.

A significant element of our clients are software, app and/or video game developers, investors, resellers, distributors, service technicians, or entrepreneurs.  To describe these types of companies, we coined the term, “SAVaGEs”, which stands for “Software, App and Video Game Entrepreneurs”.


What is SAVaGESM Law?


We are the premier Texas-based law firm for “SAVaGESM Law” – meaning we have significant experience representing software, app & video game developers, resellers, service providers, investors and entrepreneurs, and we recognize the unique range of issues and risks SAVaGEs face.

We are one of the first boutique law firms outside of Silicon Valley to build a practice focus on SAVaGE law, and are uniquely equipped to serve the needs of SAVaGE clients.  

 SAVaGEs need experienced counsel to help guide them through the “chaotic awesomeness” of an innovation-based venture.  We have advised hundreds of emerging companies from formation, to seed and later round financing, thru exit. 

Our unique combination of business, intellectual property, eCommerce, technology, and international legal experience and expertise help our SAVaGEs clients build and protect their digital assets and ideas in the U.S., on the web, and around the globe.

We are software lawyers.  We are app lawyers. And we are video game lawyers.  

Put another way, we are SAVaGESM Lawyers.

If your company is SAVaGESM, you need SAVaGESM legal counsel.